20 Stunningly Poetic Hand-Poked Tattoos by Nano

Minimalist and dotwork-based tattoos are extremely popular these days, and there aren’t many tattoo artists in the world better than Nano Gaviño Romero, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This incredibly talented tattoo artist hides behind the name of Ponto Tattoo. Nano uses dotwork in a rather creative, elegant, and poetic way in order to produce breathtaking minimalist tattoos. Most of the time he relies on the traditional hand-poking technique and that’s exactly what makes his tattoos so unique! If you like Nano’s work, you should definitely visit his Instagram page where you can find more of his wonderful tattoos.

Catch the wave.

Subtle and elegant.


Cute and subtle.



Intriguing black and white landscape.


“You met me at a very strange time in my life.”

Ever-watchful eye.

Lovely landscape.

Minimalist and elegant.

Spread those wings of yours.

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