25 Scandinavian Dining Room Designs

Big bright room, with simple open space designed solely for hosting and feasting, can be one of the ways to define a Scandinavian dining room. It is a beautiful mix of traditional and modern interior design that results in a homey and relaxing feeling. The most important thing is the dining table. It will be a focal point of the room. It should be big in size and its statement, and able to manage large gatherings, like family dinners and celebrations. Most commonly tables, as well as flooring, are completely from wood providing a warmer feel. After you choose your table, it is time for decorations. Walls are usually light blue or gray, or its used a classic Scandinavian color scheme of black and white. With bright colors in other decorations, you can break the color silence and bring up the spirit in the room. Decorations such as unique wallpapers, light textures, inspirational art, table runner and anything you can think of. Storage space in the dining room is defined by its functionality. You can get a China cabinet or a hutch for dishes or art pieces. Sideboards for food also called ‘buffet’. Servers, drawers or rolling bar cart. The important thing is not to clutter the room.

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