Couples Apartment – Scandinavian Design

Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, this beautiful 60 m2 apartment built in 2016 looks very spacious and neat. Designed for young couples, furnished in a mid-century style and done in Scandinavian design. All around this bright apartment various geometric pattern are present with wooden slats in finishing and an intriguing slate-magnetic wall. Wide space, neutral colors, and welcome feel are due to its Scandinavian interior design, meant to create a relaxing, elegant and friendly place. Bright wooden floors and wooden furniture with enough natural light make this charming apartment warm and sophisticated. The design of this apartment has shown that it is extremely important to choose the right wall art. include outstanding collection of both free and premium wall art mockup. Use it in your interier design!

Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

A 60 m2 apartment built in 2016.

Designed for young couples.

Furnished in a mid-century style.

Done in Scandinavian interior design.

Present various geometric patterns.

Wooden slats in finishing.

And an intriguing slate-magnetic wall.

Very specious and neat due to Scandinavian interior design.

Wide spaces and neutral colors.

Elegant and friendly home.

Bright wooden floors and wooden furniture.

With enough natural light.

A charming and sophisticated place for couples.

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