Bone Bone – Fluffy Cat Star From Thailand

Meet Bone Bone, a fluffy feline fella from Thailand. He’s become a real celebrity in his country known for his super fluffy fur and completely adorable little bear looks. He’s adventurous guy who loves to play at the park and climb trees and he does it all with his tiny yellow spiky backpack which makes him look like the world’s cutest superhero. Wherever he goes people ask for taking pictures with him constantly and now he’s taking over the internet with already more than 55k followers on Instagram. One thing this feline star doesn’t like is being a pet. He likes to keep his glamorous fur to himself.

Meet Bone Bone, a fluffy star from Thailand.

Adventurous cat with adorable looks.

People constantly ask for pictures with him.

He has already more than 55k followers on Instagram.

Bone Bone wearing his trademark yellow spiky backpack.

He loves climbing trees and looks like an adorable koala bear.

He loves playing at the park.

via (boredpanda)

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