Extremely Stylish Fall Outfit Combinations by Sasha Simón

Instagram is without a doubt the best social media outlets to follow fashion trends and discover latest styles. There are hundreds of people who blend the hottest trends with their own taste to create a unique style. They showcase what they wear everyday for different occasions, so you also get involved to their personal life. It even allows you to get in touch directly with the most influencing fashionistas of the platform. Sasha Simón is one of them. She has 1Mfollowers on Instagram and shares about not only her outfit style but you can also follow up the places she visits. She was grown up in California but currently lives between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She studied fashion design in LA and worked as a fashion stylist for a short time before launching her blog. As she states on her blog; “I decided to start LolaRioStyle as a creative outlet to share my love for street style fashion, everyday beauty, interior decor, and everything in between. My passion lies in mixing luxury fashion with affordable brands for outfits that are approachable and effortless, and I hope to use this platform to inspire stylish and accessible living every day.” We handpicked some of our favourite fall outfits of her for you. Take a look at them before you update your wardrobe.

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