Awesome Female Portrait Tattoo Designs by Samuela Maggi

If you have been here for long, you must already know how much we are passionate about discovering ink artists and sharing their inspirational work with you. Tattoo artist Samuela Maggi is one of those talents we have just come upon. She graduated from Arte e Messaggio Milano and currently works at Diè Tattoo Milano. She illustrates extremely imaginative female portraits and then inks them perfectly on her client’s skin. Her compositions mostly include a woman and some flowers all around. You can see a beautiful lady who has a sunflower or magnolia as a headpiece on her head in full colour. It is clear from her designs that she regards her work as a visual storytelling. Each of her illustrations is so eye-catching that you lose yourself for a few minutes to think over the story behind it. Upper arm and lower leg are the best placements for such portrait style tattoos and you can see most of her compositions on these parts of the body. The lady dreaming about a lighthouse, eyes closed combined with some stars is our favourite artwork of Samuela, which one is yours? Take a look at our selection of Samuela Maggi’s awesome portrait tattoos.