Love is Love! 22 Gorgeous Rainbow Nail Art Examples

Pride month is just over, we are in July but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating and advocating, as equality should be celebrated all months out of the year. What’s more, rainbows are one of the best patterns to have as a nail art, don’t you think? They remind us that there’s something beautiful that comes out of every storm! Whether you want to colour up your nails as a nod to the official flag or just would like to cheer up yourself, there’s something for everyone to enjoy of this lovely pattern. Do you prefer pastels or bright neons? Stripes or dots? You can have rainbow nails in different styles and shades depending on your personal taste. Just take seven colours of the rainbow then start the art work. The lines don’t need to be the same thickness or go the same direction, you can even have your rainbow in dots or other geometrical shapes. If you are talented enough, you can even write “pride” on one of your nails. In honor of pride, we compiled this extremely gorgeous gallery of rainbow nail art examples. Take a look at the photos and tell us your favourite one.

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