Romantic and Bold Wedding Photography by Elisabetta Lilly Red

Born and raised in Italy, currently living in San Francisco, California, Elisabetta Lilly Red is a professional photographer who has a portfolio of impressive wedding photoshoots. She tells how she began photography as follows; “I found photography as a long lost calling. I always had the passion to grab my camera and photograph my adventures and the beautiful nature and scenes around me. Photographing my first wedding in Italy changed me. I fell in love with this creative world and positive energy that I chose to only focus on the things that brought me happiness. I left my job and my home and ventured out in the world to pursue my dream with all of my efforts.” She always look for new challenges to improve her skills and style and her husband, who quitted his career of electrical engineering, is always there to support her. “My photography service is not complete unless it is with my second photographer and husband. He can see what I see. He knows the style and scenes that complement me. He knows where to be even before I have to tell him. And documenting love with the person you are in love with makes everything more satisfying and meaningful.” she says. She gets her inspiration from the beauty of the great outdoors and loves being surrounded by nature. “Sometimes I feel like a fashion photographer inside the body of a wedding photographer. This is why I am able to create vibrant photos with editorial feelings but still remember the emotional moments that come from you.” she states on her blog. We fell in love with her style for wedding photoshoot and we are sure you’ll find Elisabetta’s images romantic and impressive. Scroll down and see her amazing work by yourself.

“I always encourage you to remember how you interact when you are alone, and don’t hide it, that allows me to capture you as you are.”

“Having amazing photographs is having the right chemistry between you and me, this way we’re comfortable with each other and everything just clicks.”

“I try not to pose my couples, I really try to capture the moment as it happens”

“It’s so important that you get to be your fun, romantic, playful, quirky selves and I’m there to capture that.”

“Embrace both the goofy laughter and the quiet vulnerability.”

“I will guide you through all of this but I need you to meet me halfway and allow me to see your intimacy.”

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