Ideas to Get You Started on Metalworking

Image Credit: Pexels

When it comes to creating a work of art out of scrap metal, you’re basically looking at a craft that will introduce you to a world of opportunities. That’s because metalworking is difficult and takes talent, patience, and persistence to craft stunning works of art out of materials you can find just about anywhere.

So, if you’re exploring other artistic areas, you might as well look for welding equipment and train your muscles towards creating impressive designs from metal.

The only question you will need to answer at this point is “What should I make first?”

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Aside from being a nifty tool for pizza delivery boys and couriers, a metal doorbell could also give your home’s entrance a touch of sophistication. Ornate doorbells are definitely the best items to consider to give the house a rustic feel.

Vine frame

If you have the gift of a green thumb, you might as well install a vine frame for your climbing plants. The project is fairly simple to do as it requires minimal welding.

Metal planters

The best thing about metal is that you can shape it into whatever form you desire. Considering all creative possibilities you can do with metal rods, you might want to start with something easy such as a garden planter. You might need a bending machine for this as you will be working with corrugated steel rods.

Garage shelves

For your garage, you may need additional storage for liquids and small parts. That said, you can start by creating metal garage shelves which you can do on your own.

Metal grill

For next year’s Fourth of July celebration, why not make your barbecue even bigger by crafting another grill from scratch. For this, you might need a durable metal lathe for making the small parts for the project. You might add on extra features such as a steamer to make it the most important project you will ever be making this year!


You can always awaken the artist in you by using metal as your preferred medium. Whether you’re welding various metal parts together or shaping metal into animals or humans, this could be a start of something you can be passionate about.


We’re still months away from Halloween, but it shouldn’t keep you from preparing impressive horror-themed decorations for your home. In this sense, you might want to create wall-mounted candleholders with gothic details. This will surely turn up the spook factor of your home when the season for trick-or-treating finally arrives.

Mirror frames

Want to make your home as posh as a Beverly Hills mansion? Opt for ornate frames for your bathroom and bedroom mirrors. It’s an advanced project you can tackle. But with the right tools, you can create highly impressive details to contrast the clean lines of these areas.

Metalworking is not just a good way to kill time, it’s also an activity that’s worth every effort to learn. You just have to invest in the right tools and apply the right techniques.

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