Tattoo Artist Uses An Unlimited Color Palette To Create Exceptional Body Art Pieces

Roberto Euán is from Yucatán, Mexico, but he is currently living and tattooing in Los Angeles in his private studio. He’s been tattooing since 2013 after an apprenticeship of about 2 years. He uses an unlimited color palette to give the best examples of imaginative tattoos. While searching for more information about him, we’ve found an interview of him with Tucshoes. They asked his how he became a tattoo artist and he replied as follows; “I’ve always loved art of all forms and always admired the ability to express yourself through tattoos, I don’t remember a time not loving them. I’ve been painting and drawing for a very long time and when I started getting tattooed I felt like the art I wanted to make would translate into tattoos because I love them, of course my style has changed and evolved through the years but making tattoos on awesome humans is the greatest job I’ve ever had.” He also adds that; “I always wanted to be an artist so I made sure I was always creating. Aside from painting and before tattooing I was a cake decorator, had a small clothing project and I’ve been a florist for the same reason that making art makes me happy.” He also practices with paintbrushes and acrylic besides tattooing and he paints pots for their plants around the house has been fun as Roberto and his partner love plants and thanks to quarantine, they have a lot of time to care for them! His favorite tattoo that he own is a simple traditional heart with a banner that says Felix. “It’s my dog’s name, he recently passed and it’s been really nice having it for my own healing, even though I want more dedicated to him. It’s also really special because my mentor did it on me.” he explains. Now, scroll down and enjoy some of his best tattoo designs that we’ve selected for you.