A Panorama of Color Palette Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

​For decades, it seemed like everyone was planning for a June wedding. Sometimes they would mix it up and choose May or July, but that might have been because their favorite venues weren’t available. Skip ahead to 2019, and millennials are breaking the spring and summer wedding trend and purposefully choosing the fall to marry.

Just like there are certain colors associated with weddings set in late spring and early summer, which include an array of pastels and plenty of bright colors, fall has its own unique color palette as well. Even better, today’s brides and grooms are willing to break the rules on so many traditional wedding details that you can add the wedding’s color scheme to the list, adding twists and turns to iconic fall color options.

Here are three color palette ideas that may add a spark of inspiration as you plan your wedding’s one-of-a-kind memorable hues.

1. Autumn Harvest Hues are an Homage to the Season

Choosing the colors of Autumn harvest may feel like penning an ode this time, brimming with warm, earthy and rustic colors. If fall is your favorite time of year, you may just take an extra delight in thinking of all your favorite things about the season and how they might fit into your big day.

Imagine the variety of gourds and fallen leaves alone, and you might envision your bridesmaids swathed in a sea of gold, burnt sienna or all the possible shades of caramel. What’s even better is that you can easily coordinate everything from the bouquet to the reception cornucopia centerpieces to fit into the overriding theme, using organic items to the season.

2. Vibrant Green Serves as a Fitting Tribute to the Nature-Loving Couple

Experts suggests an emerald palette is the ideal way to celebrate environmentally-conscious couples, but any shade of green will do. This particular shade has an especially decadent and energetic tone to it, further adding to its appropriateness for outdoors enthusiasts while also keeping it formal and sophisticated.

Keep in mind the emerald shade exudes dramatic elegance, so you want to use subtle accents to let the hue take center stage. For example, choose all white floral arrangements while adding faint tinges of leafy greenery for gentle emphasis on the theme.

3. Gray and Navy Set a New Fall Standard for Classic and Understated Palettes

Navy is one of those colors that is both high-impact and understated, which may be the ideal aesthetic for many brides and grooms. Gray and navy combined are regal, clean and stately, letting the happy couple and their guests stand out as the main attraction.

Moreover, the groomsmen and bridesmaids are sure to look smart and attractive in any style of suit and gown since these colors are perfect for formal attire. When it’s time to send out thank you cards for the lovely gifts you received, guests will instantly and fondly recall the stylish and sumptuous event when they see that familiar blue and gray palette played over again one last time.

Make a Lasting Impression for Your Special Day

Ultimately, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the right color palette for your fall wedding. It seems the freedom of shifting the wedding season to autumn has freed couples to embrace all the possible colors along the spectrum. From the lovely autumnal tones and mature classic casts of blue and gray to the eye-popping emerald green, among so many other palettes, your wedding colors alone stand to make a lasting impression on your family and friends.


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