Mom Of Three, Photographer Jenn Jones Shares The Most Adorable Moments Of Her Family

“It all started… when a Canadian girl flew off to Syria looking for a new adventure…” Photographer Jenn Jones started off with teaching but she always had her camera with her for the travels and she loved capturing pictures of people wherever she went. She used to always take pictures of her students too and would create a goodbye DVD for the parents each year. “Little did I know back then that I would find true love in Syria of all places – both with my husband and a new career.” she states on her blog. “I have a beautiful family and as a mum of 3 kids I know how quickly time flies. That’s why I love what I do. I know how hard it is to have a family and I really want to show you what an amazing job you are doing. Your family is gorgeous and so very special and everything you do right now is uniquely you… and you know what? Your everyday normal that might feel a little boring is so completely special and I know from my own experience that soon it will all change again. It’s so true what they say that the days are long but the years go by so fast. Sometimes I just want to bottle up our time right now… to savour for later.” she explains about herself. She believes parents should capture these beautiful moments so that you can see your beauty and relieve them forever. It is true that not everyone feels comfortable while being captures and it is hard to find the photographer suitable for you. Jenn specializes in making people feel at ease and you know how? “Cause I talk a lot. A LOT. And I’m used to making new friends – I’ve moved around enough times that I’m now an expert. Yup, I’ve lived in 11 countries and so I can easily make you relax. Oh and for all you men out there, I know you especially don’t think you’ll enjoy having your photo taken….but guess what? All my dads end up having a lot of fun because I actively encourage you to be silly with your kids. I know you are all just a bunch of grown up kids – so yes, you can totally jump on the bed and throw your kids around and have a pillow fight. Please do.” she answers. “I now follow my husband around the world and continue with my passion of creating beautiful images of kids and their families. Yes, I do miss teaching a bit – so I decided to create a special photography course just for kids!” she says about her current life. Now, take a look at her photos and maybe you decide to let her tell your story.