Reasons Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

When you think of photo booths, what comes to mind? We’ll bet your head is immediately filled with images of happy people having fun grouping together to take silly photos in front of a photo booth, and possibly adding some fun digital effects such as green-screen backgrounds and slow-mo effects.

Who could fault you for thinking about all this in relation to photo booths? These products are supposed to engender fun atmospheres where people can act goofy, get creative, and take pictures with friends and family. With that said, you might think a wedding reception is the best occasion for renting out a photo booth. And you may be right! But here, we’d like to let you know about some other places where you may want to rent out a photo booth. For each reason documented here, we’ll suggest some venues where a photo booth might be appropriate.

Simple Fun

We know most of you are probably having visions of weddings at this point, so let’s talk about the main reason for having a photo booth at your reception: extra fun! We know what you’re thinking: aren’t weddings fun enough with the DJ/band, food, bar, and raucous dancing? Of course they are! But think of the extra entertainment value you’d bring to your wedding by throwing in a portable photo booth from a company such as HootBooth.

Wedding guests who have been dancing for a while can take a breather off the floor by heading over to the photo booth and taking some wacky photos with friends. The photo booth operator can add whatever digital effects you’d like, including backgrounds, slow motion, and GIFs. So if simple fun is what you’re after, we’d suggest having a photo booth at your wedding reception, birthday or anniversary party, or other private social gathering.


A photo booth can be a phenomenal marketing tool if used correctly. Imagine your fashionable clothing company is attending a trade convention and wants to document the events for some advertising and public relations both in real time and after the fact. Having a photo booth set up near your station at the convention can go a long way to getting the word out, as employees, executives, and other people wearing your brand of clothing can pose for photos and have them posted on social media within minutes. Your loyal fan base can then repost the photos to have news of your latest products spread across the web at lightning speed.

This can create an atmosphere essentially like a wedding reception. People will have fun taking pictures at your photo booth, which will get them thinking positively about your company’s clothing brand. The marketing opportunities are sort of endless with a photo booth around. Therefore, we recommend having one at trade shows, product unveilings, and other types of professional business events.

Socializing and Networking


Another aspect of the photo booth that you can harness for the enjoyment of those attending the event is the simple fact that taking photos at a booth will likely create opportunities for socializing and networking among strangers!

People will meet either in line for the booth or elsewhere at the event and then take a photo together. In addition to that photo being shared on a social channel by the company for marketing, you might find that those former strangers have made a connection on a professional level and agreed to communicate about something in the future. The photo booth setting was probably a great ice breaker, and now those individuals have become professional contacts.

It doesn’t matter how you met; the fact is, a contact is a contact, and if you know how to sell yourself to someone who may be able to aid your career, you’ve gotten somewhere you weren’t before. And it was all thanks to the communal power of the photo booth! As with marketing, the best types of events to have a photo booth if you want to stir up networking include conventions, trade shows, job fairs, and product announcements.


We think the main takeaway from this article is that there is a lot of good that can come out of having a photo booth at your event. Photo booths make people happy, can be wielded for strong social-media marketing, and, perhaps most importantly, get people talking to one another, which is probably a booth’s greatest strength.

If you’d like to see what all the buzz is about, you can search for a quality portable photo booth from HootBooth, a manufacturer of DSLR and iPad photo booths. You never know what opportunities may open up for you.

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