Designer Shares About Their 100 Year Old Home in Farm House Style

Leslie Saeta entered the world of home decoration and design after they bought their dream home which she refers as “My 100 Year Old Home”. This house has formerly been in her husband’s family since 1969 and was built in 1915. So that their third generation, namely their three boys, have been growing up in the same home where her husband was raised. This home has gone through 3 remodelling sessions and they were absolutely huge projects. At first, they remodelled the kitchen, family room, two downstairs baths and the outdoor patio, then they included a pool and remodeled master bedroom, two upstairs baths, and the third-floor attic. The last major change was adding an art studio and an outdoor kitchen. However, they preserved the architectural integrity of the place and the kitchen still have the same look as it was twenty years ago. A few years ago, they decided to changed the style of the house to “farm house” and opted for a great neutral palette. “I am a very crafty person and I have been making things my entire life. I learned to sew when I was eight, which was followed by knitting, crochet, macramé, embroidery, quilting, decoupage, stained glass, glass bead making, jewelry making, and making paper flowers. In 2012, I took up painting and ended up being a full-time artist and instructor for eight years.” she states on her blog, adding that; “I love entertaining, home décor, remodeling, crafts, and cooking and created My 100 Year Old Home as a way to share all of my passions. I look forward to sharing my new ideas, and discoveries.” Take a look at this 100 year-old farm house then share your comments with us.