23 Chandelier Tattoo Examples with Gorgeous Details

Chandelier is one of the most intricate and detailed tattoo designs you can get to adorn your body. A chandelier is a large, decorative frame which holds light bulbs or candles and adornements such as crystals, pearls and chains. They often represent baroque or gothic style very related to past times and they look extremely luxurious with all the shiny materials they are made of. What we are trying to explain so far is that it is not an ordinary lamp but a design that carries various symbolic meanings which is worth getting inked on your skin. They look best under the breast on female body and also go perfect on shoulders, thighs and back for everyone. It is generally combined with lotus and mandala-like tribal designs. Including one line saying just beside it or some gems on and around are also popular ideas. No matter your choice of placement or design, chandelier tattoos are one of the most one of a kind ink arts that you can opt for as your first or next tatto to get. You will surely need to see some example before making this decision.

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