Get Striped! 24 Fantastic Zebra Nail Art Examples

Animal print is regarded as one of the timeless patterns and used in almost all sectors especially in fashion, decoration and beauty. Among animal prints, zebra has its special place with its black and white colour combination and striped look, both of which are other features which never go out of fashion. Having this cute and chic pattern as nail art is a popular manicure trend. What’s more you don’t need a professional to get zebra print on your nails, as it is pretty easy to make it all by yourself. Just get the right tools and black and white nail polishes to start the work. First step is painting your nails with the white polish then let your nails dry completely. Then take a thin brush loaded with black polish and draw short, angled lines to imitate the zebra pattern. Once you finished the first finger, follow the same technique on the rest of the nails. Let all of your nails dry well and then apply a coat of clear nail polish on top. This will make your nail art stay longer and educe the chances of the color chipping away too early. You can spruce up this design by adding some glitter or rhinestones to some of your nails or try many other designs to make your nails even more eye-catching. Now discover ideas about zebra nail designs by browsing our gallery below.

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