Fun and Colorful Wedding Photography by Rachel Clarke

Liverpool, The UK based photographer Rachel Clarke guarantees a stress-free photoshoot session for her clients with her super relaxed and chilled out mood. She graduated from university with a music degree, she plays the violin, piano and ukulele, but her favourite instrument is undoubtedly her camera. “I am the biggest animal lover ever. I have the sweetest and floofiest rough collie (lassie dog) called Opal. She is with me most of the time and usually lying on my feet when I am editing your photos. Our favourite friend, Willow the Australian Shepherd, is always out for walks with us as well! I have a sassy cat, her name is Ally, I have 3 Guinea pigs Monica, Phoebe and Peaches. If you are having any animals at your wedding I am the photographer for you!!” she tells about herself. She prefers capturing the couples as they are and tries to catch their the most romantic moments. If you are looking for a lens to immortalize your wedding day, Rachel can be the one for you. Take a look at her fun and colourful wedding photos and let us hear about your thoughts using the comment box.