Principles To Create A Practical Wardrobe

While there are countless guides that will help you create a trendsetting wardrobe kitted out with all the latest styles, there are hardly any to provide guidance on creating a wardrobe that is actually practical. Whether you are a stay at home mom, or you are simply not intrigued by micro handbags and tiny high heels that are not designed for walking, the following principles will ensure your wardrobe choices are as practical and versatile as you would like them to be.

Shop, Or Create Unique Wearable Items

One of the main reasons most of us do not have practical wardrobes is simply because practical is often associated with bland and boring. However, there is really no need to kill your fashion sense simply to obtain practicality. When shopping around you can opt for unique clothing items or alternatively, you can make your own shirt with the help of custom tee retailers that allow customers to design unique printed casual tees. The effort will ensure your wardrobe is far from bland. You can also consider trying a few crafty DIY clothing solutions that will guide you on transforming basic wardrobe items into unique clothing must-haves.

Comfortability Is Key

An item of clothing simply can not be practical unless it boasts comfortability. Therefore, you should carefully consider clothing items prior to purchase and try them on to determine how comfortable you feel. Casual wardrobe staples such as denim jeans and casual tees are an absolute must for any wardrobe as you will be able to mix and match personalized or printed items with more basic items to enhance your general stylish appeal.

General Durability

While comfortability is key for practicality, so is the general durability of clothing items. Rather than opting for poor quality fabrics, you should consider your clothing as a lasting investment, which won’t be a waste considering practical wardrobes are essentially sustainable. Your shoes, jackets, jerseys, and denim items should all be top quality while you may be able to compromise quality on tops and tees as these items rarely last years. Millennial fashion rules encourage consumers to opt for durable, yet unique buys as this essentially means you will need to shop less. When durable items become outdated, you can simply consider DIY clothing transformations that will revive them.

Splash Of Colour

Too many shoppers make the common mistake of opting for neutral bland tones when creating a practical wardrobe. This common mistake will result in outfits that all seem far too similar. Rather than opting for boring colours, you should consider including a few vibrant items of clothing that will ensure you are able to dress up when necessary. Therefore, consider a few pencil skirts with playful prints or bold coloured casual tees. There are several effective ways of adding colour to a practical wardrobe and while you should be focused on the goal of obtaining versatility and comfortability, you should never compromise your personal style simply to achieve comfort.

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