Six Stylish Ways To Transform A Blank Wall

When decorating the house, the focus is usually on the furniture, flooring, curtains, and mostly everything else except these vast empty spaces staring right at you from all sides – walls! What people do not realize is that a well-decorated wall can have a more significant impact on the look and feel of the room than a well-decorated, anything else in the room. When you stare at a blank wall, do not think of it as a blank wall. Instead, see it as a space full of aesthetically pleasing possibilities. The ideal way to look at the walls when decorating is to see them as empty canvases, ready to be presented beautifully in endless ways!

Even if the room is big or small, walls present an excellent opportunity to bring it to life. If the room is small, walls can be your best friend because in case the square-footing of the room runs out, the walls are there on which you can decorate your heart out. If you need any inspiration for decorating your walls uniquely and creatively, this list of six things can help transform the blank walls in your room in a playful manner.


Tapestries, in general, are a great and cost-effective way to decorate blank walls and give the room a cozy vibe and relaxing ambiance. Within tapestries, if you’re looking for something extra special, you should look no further than The Great Wave off Kanagawa Tapestry. The Great Wave off Kanagawa depicts Mount Fuji in Japan and is considered to be a famous and great piece of Japanese artwork.

This tapestry consists of shades of blue, and like it is known for, the color blue gives out a sense of calmness in the room. The Great Wave is a very intricate and detailed tapestry that is full of color and is a perfect accessory to complement the overall look of any room. The calming effect of this tapestry can be beneficial when working or studying under stressful conditions. This tapestry is especially helpful for those rooms that have blue as the primary color of the room décor.


Perhaps the safest way to go about the decoration of a blank wall is to fill it with some artwork. This method has been in use for a long time and does not disappoint. You can go for a specific theme or art, or if you are feeling bolder, you can mix and match different pieces of artwork. The real trick when opting for this type of styling is to make sure that the artwork you are choosing for compliments the overall look and theme of the room décor.

The size of the artwork also needs to be given importance. It is also not necessary to go the old fashioned way of hanging your artwork. You can save yourself the time and effort required to hang your artwork and go for leaned artwork against the wall. This can be achieved by adding a picture ledge or a floating shelf on which the artwork can be leaned on against the wall.


Wallpapers do not necessarily have the best reputation when it comes to the tools of styling your walls, but you do not have to think about the old floral wallpapers used by the older generations. Modern wallpapers present countless stylish options of styling your walls.

There is a large number of patterns, textures, and colors that can be played with. You can go for a bolder theme or opt for a more subtle approach when decorating the blank walls with wallpapers. You also have the option of deciding on digital print wallpapers, which gives you endless options of styling the walls with pictures, patterns, and paintings that are digitally printed in huge sizes. Why not go for your favorite landscape of your favorite city as the background?


Mirrors are another option you can use to style the blank walls of your rooms. Mirrors are known to create space in the sense that they make the room look more significant in size than it is, and this can be very useful for places that are small in size. Another advantage of mirrors is that they reflect light and can add to the lighting effect in the room.

Mirrors also add to the aesthetic quality of the room apart from the practicality aspects because you can play with mirror frames, and there are many options when it comes to mirror frames. There are a lot of materials, colors, and textures you can play with. Like artwork, mirrors do not necessarily have to be hung against the wall. They can be placed on the floor and against the wall to give the room a more contemporary look.

Vertical mini garden

Another innovative approach to transforming a blank wall is to turn it into a vertical garden. You can go DIY by using a wooden trellis and hanging plant pots on it. You can also opt for multiple shelves where you can place your plants. You can use a wooden branch like that of eucalyptus, hang it on the wall, and the leaves will be hanging from the branch. This option is as broad as your imagination, and you have endless possibilities, this is a test of how creative you can get, and it will add a touch of customization that will be unique to you.

Graffiti wall

If you have an artistic side to you, or you know someone who has it, you can opt for a graffiti wall to style the blank wall. It is an excellent way to make a bold statement and a significant impact. The options are endless here as you get to play with colors, designs, and creativity.


Utilizing empty walls and adding your own style to them can instantly boost your room’s decor. It’s a great way to add pizazz to your room without investing too much.

What other ways can you style a blank wall? Let us know in the comments below!

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