Everyone Told Them to Get Rid of the Dogs and This was Their Response

When Sanjana Madappa and Aditya Raheja from India were told that they were expecting a baby, everyone told them to get rid of their beloved dogs before the baby comes. They said baby comes first and the dogs simply have to go. However, the lovely couple simply couldn’t part ways with these adorable furry rascals, so they decided to keep them all, in spite of everything people said. “I don’t know how people can bring a child into the world while letting go of another at the same time, ” said Sanjana. In order to show everyone how much they love their loyal dogs, Sanjana and her husband Aditya decided to have a photo session with all their dogs while Sanjana was still pregnant. A week later, their son Ayan was born and these lovely dogs welcomed him into the new world.

The happy family.

They were eager to meet the new family member.


The happy couple and their loyal guardian.

Perfect photo shoot!

via (boredpanda)

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