Sophisticatedly Delivered Handmade Tattoos by Pokeeeeeeoh

As Leonardo da Vinci once famously said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And this brilliant tattoo artist from cold grounds of Sweden. Pokeeeeeeoh works in her Malmo based studio where she perfectly executes her hand-poked technique to the cleanest. Minimalistic designs featuring simple icons such as hearts flowers, animals, and stars done with praiseworthy precision and cleanliness of line work mixed with solid shades of black and often no shading at all. Check out more of her delicate skin art on her Instagram page and get in touch if you are interested in adorning your body in a sophisticatedly ink-ish way.

Forever romantic

Ready to be eaten up

Fine line work

Precise and delicate

Handmade dotwork


She can’t wait to be asked for directions

Clean as it gets

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