Plants, Alchemy, Space, and Animals in One Tattoo Symphony

New York City-based tattoo artist Pony Reinhardt of Tenderfoot Studio is known for the way she intertwines geometry and the elements of the universe. Her tattoos are spectacular symphonies of plants, alchemy, space, and animals, all of which are made from black lines and come together on the body to create a story. Reinhardt posts her work on her Instagram account for all 477k of her followers to see. So, follow Reinhardt and in case you’ve fallen too deeply in love with her art but can’t make your way to Brooklyn to get a tattoo, Reinhardt also sells merchandise with her art printed onto it.

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Reinhardt always includes detailed descriptions of what the tattoos consist of, like this one – crows fighting as a team by daylight while the barn owl fights with stealth and strength my moonlight.

Aurora borealis, leaping fawn, grasshopper, grass field, and rainbow trout for Saskatchewan.

Stag seeing its reflection as a unicorn in a mountain lake with intergalactic visitors and a crystal crab shore.

Laika floating in the cosmos above a pair of pigeons in the clouds.

Raccoon skeleton with Venus flytrap, bleeding heart, fly agaric, death cap, and decomposers: stag beetle, mother snail, and flesh fly. Meerkat with blooming cacti and pollinators: hawk moth, desert bat, and hummingbird family.

Outer space meets the deep sea: anglerfish, nautilus, fiddler crab, space whale, jellyfish, and abandoned world turtle shell.

Cosmic jellyfish on the back of this outer space deep-sea forearm.

Flying fox eating blackberry sprig with poisonous poppies and wolfsbane, and red-breasted robin.

Top of the secret garden door, featuring moth with the moon, jackalope, skeletal Fox, and foxglove.

Emperor moth with the full moon, sun rays, and marigolds.

Bananaquit with the solar eclipse, hibiscus schizopetalus, and dragonfly.

New York wildflowers including wild lily, clover, blackberry, dandelion, and wild rose.

Magical dragonfly night with mystical florals.

Lunar dandelion cycle, chrysanthemums, and honeybees, with Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Ringtail cat with the agave plant.

Blood orange raining on a skeletal crow with egg developing inside.

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