Move Your Time Outdoors – Shading Your Space

There’s nothing better than gathering your friends and family together and hosting a backyard barbecue. Having space out back to keep everyone happy as the grill is roaring and the sun is setting is a dream for any homeowner. However, oftentimes during the summer, the sun can be quite hot and might ruin your backyard event. With the help of a retractable awning, however, your backyard barbecue will be saved!

Before you begin shopping for a retractable awning, there are multiple factors you must consider. Retractable awning prices can be hard to pinpoint as it all comes down to the style and installation process. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $3,000-$15,000. You should also consider the style you want for your awning as this will make a big difference in the final product.

What to know about awnings

There’s a different type of awning for every occasion. You’ll want to find the perfect awning for your backyard, deck, or porch. If you live in an area that is susceptible to heavy snow or rain, you might not want to purchase a permanent awning as these can get damaged by excessive snow. If you’re in a milder area, perhaps a permanent awning would be beneficial.

Not all awnings are retractable so be careful when shopping for yours. Some awnings are entirely separate structures that can be moved around and placed anywhere in the backyard. Awnings are perfect for preventing too much sun or rain from ruining your backyard event.

A study conducted in 1894 led to the discovery that possessing an awning or stationery umbrella for a backyard or deck reduces air conditioning use by 77%. This fact has held true even today as having an awning allows for back decks and porches to remain open offering a natural airflow from the yard to the house.

Types of retractable awnings

Three main categories of awnings dominate the market. If you’re looking to get an awning for your deck, it’s likely that you will purchase one of these three categories.

Retractable – These awnings are able to be brought in and out of storage, either by mechanical means or manual retraction. The storage in which these awnings rest is typically the base at which they can extend to cover the deck. These are usually made out of a bendable fabric or a polycarbonate. Typically, attached to the building.

Stationary – Another type of awning that is usually attached to the building, the stationary awning is nearly the exact same model as the retractable, but it doesn’t have the ability to retract or extend. Where it is placed is where it will stay. These awnings are usually made of fabric but can be made of metal or wood as they do not bend or fold.

Freestanding – These awnings are not attached to a building. They offer a more movable option to decks and patios as they typically have their own base. Freestanding models can include Gazebos or individual structures that are permanent. These awnings do not need to be portable and are often not.

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