Four Steps to Get Your Sports Car Ready for Race Day

There are few better feelings than hopping into the interior of a sports car, slowly drawing up into a grid position, and putting your foot down in a race scenario. For many motoring fans and hobbyists, this is exactly where their passion for cars and driving ends up: on the circuits at the local sports and motoring clubs. As such, this article looks at the four key steps you should undergo before race day, in order to ensure that your car looks and drives great before you take to the track.

Race Specifications

While many races are casual affairs, allowing motoring enthusiasts to take their vehicles a little closer to the limit than they’re able to do on the roads, many races require you to fulfil certain safety checks and other specifications before you enter a race. Some organizations require you to fit a roll cage, for instance, while others take the weight of your car very seriously. Contact the race organizers in advance in order to check that your car is eligible to enter the race, and to give you time to make the changes you may be required to undertake.

Wheels and Grip

There is no doubt that the most important part of your race day experience is making sure you’re able to stick on the surface. In this regard, there are three things that you need to make sure are working at their optimal level, and these are:

  • The tires, which should be full-grip and as new as possible
  • The suspension, which should be prepared for a rough ride through corners
  • The brakes, which will keep you on the track when you’re slowing for the apex

Without these three factors working in unison to help you stay on the track, you may find yourself skidding into an accident – something you want to avoid at all costs.

Engine Interior

Then there’s the engine itself. Some car enthusiasts are huge fans of the engine, and others are less interested in the mechanics behind how their car spits out horsepower. The key consideration, in the days or weeks preceding a race, is that your engine needs to be well-oiled and well cared-for if it’s to treat you kindly on race day. If you’ve not given your car the once-over, ensuring the engine is in great condition, you risk blowing the engine during the race.

The Exterior

Now that you’ve dealt with all of the things that will keep you on the track and in the race, it’s time to make sure that your vehicle is looking the part on the outside. After all, that’s what spectators and other drivers will be looking at as you speed around the circuit. Look to the expert services of Distinctive Detailing NC to have your car professionally detailed before each track meet in order to wow your competitors and show off your racing pedigree with the sheen and perfection of your vehicle.

Make sure you remember these four tips in order to get your car working as well as possible before you take it onto a track in 2020 and beyond.

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