Peach-Butt Corgi Rides Bikes on the Back of His Owner

Strawberry picking peach-butt Corgi Japanese Instagram craze? Yes, please. This little, khm, chubby of a corgi fella is named Erico and his adventures have no end. He’s riding bikes in the backpack and on the back of his owner to get to the super cool destinations, places you probably dream of visiting. But Erico deserves it all. His loveable charming eyes tell the story of a gorgeous fatty that deserves everything in this world and more. Erico seems to be followed by some suspicious mini versions of him. He’s such a great corgi pup that he brings them on his adventures and even breastfeeds them for some reason. Make sure to follow his Instagram for an endless fix of Erico’s epic adventures.

Enter the Adventureland of Erico, the charming chubby Corgi

We like to call him a peach-butt corgi

He’s so freakin’ cool

So. Freakin’. Cool.

After an epic adventure he loves to be your grandma for a bit

He seems to be taking care of multiple mini versions of himself

He freaking rides bikes, and he’s so relaxed.

Looks like turtles/corgis are coming back to the see

Be real, you never saw a corgi this cool

So cool

Sometimes he gets weird

He wears this sweater like a gent

The other dolphin looks like a spirit watching over

They’ve turned on him… RUUN… Swiiim! Ride your bike Erico!

via [boredpanda]

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