Epic Lightsaber Bike Lights by Former Audi Designer

Today we’ll talk about an idea that didn’t live up to the expectations. At the first look, and a few nice words and photos you might think this is exactly what you need. Former car (Audi) designer, Octavian Richea took on himself to create a revolutionary way to illuminate bikes. The LUMMA Lights were inspired by lightsabers from Star Wars. Mounting 4 LED’s and two lasers on each of the handlebars of the bike should create an epic light visible from any angle, increasing the safety in traffic. 3 years ago the fundraising campaign went very successful, but critics and buyers’ reception didn’t go as well. Poor quality and a lot of never received sets. People were quite angry. Still an idea that feels very right, and one that needs more work to be perfected. Until we get something more, you can enjoy photos below, realizing exactly what this was all about.
More info: Indeogogo.com


The LUMMA Lights

4 LED’s and two lasers on each of the handlebars

The light that should be seen from all angles, increasing the safety in traffic

Inspired by lightsabers

Designed by Octavian Richea

An idea that fell short in the end when buyers’ expressed their disappointments

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