Numerology 101: How Your Life Path Number Influences Your Life

Scientists all agree that the very essence of life and the world we live in revolves around numbers. They agree that numbers are the essence of nature and this is where numerology comes in. We all have a life path number and that number can reveal essential truths about your personality, outlook in life, and the challenges that you may face. The day, month, and year you are born in, your full name at birth, and a variety of other factors play a role in numerology. To find your life path number you need your date of birth.

Read on to learn how to calculate your life path number, understand what it means, and see how it will influence your life.

How To Calculate Your Life Number

You can calculate your life path number manually or with the use of a computerized tool. Oftentimes calculators are helpful when determining a numerology number to avoid any issues with the arithmetic. But if you want the mental exercise, simply reduce each number in your birthday to a single digit. For example, if you are born on October 13th, 2001, add the 1 and the 3 to reach 4, and then add the 2, the 0, the other 0, and the 1 to reach 3. Then add these digits together and if they result in a 2 digit total, add those digits together again until you reach a single digit. While the math is fun, to make sure you have no errors, we recommend using an online tool to do the number crunching.

Understanding Your Character Better

There’s nothing more satisfying than being reassured of your own character. Once you know your numerology number for your life path you can then understand your character better. Every number you arrive at will reveal key traits to your personality that are unique to those who have that life number. For example:

1 – The Leader

2 – The Peacemaker

3 – The Creative

4 – The Foundation Builder

5 – The Adventurer

6 – The Nurturer

7 – The Seeker

8 – The Boss

9 – The Humanitarian

Understanding your life number has a lot more to it than just the phrases used here in the list. But this provides an overarching theme to one’s character. For example, Those with life number 9 are dubbed humanitarians because they are compassionate, are focused on community and service, and often charismatic. With such traits, they need to be cautious to not let others take advantage of them and to not fall into depression.  Even this short summary is but a mere scratch on the surface of what your numerology number can offer you in terms of insight. But you can begin to understand why certain experiences make you tick in certain ways, and act accordingly.

How It Affects Your Personal Life

Your life number can help you understand how to cope in your personal life. It can help you determine appropriate friends and romantic partners based on their number’s compatibility with yours. Life is about balance and knowing your core personality traits and the core personality traits of others can help you surround yourself with people that complement and balance your personal characteristics. For example, if you are a 4, seek out friendships and relationships with a 1, who tend to share the same work ethic, drive, and goal orientation. With further study, you’ll find that a 4 also matches well with 8s and 7s. A 4 should avoid 5s when possible as they love change and adventure which 4s are usually reluctant to. These are all subject to the life one lives and the upbringing they experience, but the innate traits one has will likely mesh well with those with complementary numbers.

How It Affects Your Professional Life

Your number can help guide you in your career as much as it can in your personal life. Your personality is key in finding a fulfilling career and your number can guide you down a path to loving what you do for a living. For example, if you are an 8, your natural ambition can lead you to succeed in anything you put your mind to. This may encourage you to seek out a position in management or entrepreneurship. 8s are likely to have a passion for work and may seek to find multiple sources of income whereas 5 will want a career with more flexible hours to allow for their free-spirited nature. If you are already down a career path, understanding what your nature yearns for can help you adjust to the role you have.

Learn more about the life path number specific to you to fully benefit from numerology and live the life that suits your particular nature. Be sure to double-check your arithmetic or use an online tool to make sure you find your life number correctly.