Heart-Melting Children Photography by Anka Melnikova

Moscow based photographer Anna Melnikova shoots family stories and portraits and she teaches photography and processing. She is a psychologist by profession, but she chose photography as her profession after having worked in several different areas such as sports animation, psychology, advertising, marketing and music. “Now I understand that all these are facets of one whole, very important for me, the one that I came to with the birth of my son – the world of photography. It all made sense. Like many mothers, with the birth of my child, I took up a DSLR camera and began to photograph my son, and gradually my hobby grew into something more.” she states on her blog adding that; “I studied all the basics, the technical base on my own, but later I learned from many photographers, whose work I liked at that time, I went to master classes.” When asked about her inspiration for children photography, she answers as follows; “I notice that the images for my shoot come from childhood memories. Childhood is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Children’s fairy tales, parables, stories, images of our childhood, our parents and grandmothers. Mittens with an elastic band, knees in brilliant green, snowflakes on the tongue and much more – this is everything that is hidden in the most secret corners of our subconscious, that which will always be with us, something that cannot be returned. But you can return to this magical time again and again, creating images and talking about childhood in photography.” For her, it is always very exciting to prepare for shooting and anticipate the result, think over the image, every detail, select types, look for places. In order to take the best family portraits, she needs to join in them emotionally, understand the mood and role of each family member, understand their feelings and their stories. Today, we showcase some of her heart-melting children photography examples. Just have a look at them and remember to share these cute photos with your friends and family.