15 Adorable Photos of Newborn Babies Celebrating Their First Christmas

Christmas is definitely the most magical time of the year. People get into that holiday spirit and there’s nothing but love during that period. Even the grumpy ones feel some of that joy. However, there is no one happier during Christmas than children. They’re all just anxiously waiting for Santa Claus to bring him their gifts because they were good throughout the whole year. With Christmas just around the corner, we decided to share with you these adorable photos of newborn babies celebrating their first Christmas in order to get you into that warm holiday spirit.

Little Santa!

Source: zoehiiglistudio

Too cute for this world!

Source: christykirklandphoto

Little reindeer.

Source: sandi ford

Perfect little cupcake.

Source: My MoJo Photo
Source: etsy

Napping on the moon.

Source: zoehiiglistudio

So cozy.

Source: Leanne Curtis Newborn Photography
Source: Leanne Curtis Newborn Photography


Source: Priscilla Cork Photography

Look at those little feet!

Source: myonlysunshinephoto
Source: zoehiiglistudio


Source: pebblesandpolkadotsphotography
Source: Willow Baby Photography

Mr. Penguin.

Source: MelodysMakings

Precious little snowman.

Source: CrochetCreationsbyMa – via (boredpanda)

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