New ‘Magic’ Heat Transfer Markers Provide Inspiration For Young Artists

Credit: Pexels

Since 2008, over 80% of schools nationwide have encountered significant budget cuts; drops in school funding have continued, dwindling available resources even further. This has led many schools to focus their funding on core subjects like math and science, while reducing subjects that are thought of as more “frivolous”, like art. Unleashing children’s imaginations and inspiring them to explore their world are obvious benefits; however, science has also shown the importance of art in developing motor skills, language, visual learning and more. With schools having fewer options, parents look for ways of encouraging at-home artistic expression, while teachers look for ways to motivate and inspire students with limited funding for supplies.

A Truly “Magic” Marker

With the limited availability of multiple art mediums to choose from in school and the impractical nature of having a variety of options in a home environment, there are difficulties in capturing young peoples’ attention and inspiring creativity that allows them to grow. Markers and paper were the only obvious, albeit limited, options until recently. With the use of heat transfer markers and heat press technology equipment, kids are given the opportunity to create an endless array of art and designs that can be featured on clothing, hats and more – and they’re eating it up. Fashion design, apparel creation and general artistic ability are just a few areas in which this technology allows children to freely and easily express themselves, while keeping supplies and cost to a minimum.

More Bang For A Buck

In addition to artistic growth, parents and teachers can – and have – used this technology to segue into other interests for older children, like marketing, mathematics and entrepreneurship. This not only provides additional real-life learning experiences when being used at home, but can actually help raise funding for important causes when put into use by schools. Fundraisers are amongst the few means by which schools can increase their art, music and extracurricular activities budget, which makes heat transfer art and the resulting t-shirts all the more appealing.

Ultimately, allowing young people to have access to tools that support and encourage creativity will not only aid the advancement of their artistic abilities, motor skills, language and other important, practical areas, but may also help them to grow on a much more personal level. Artist and founder of Studio in a School, Agnes Gund, was certainly right when she stated, “We share the importance of the arts, not only in society but also in building one’s self esteem. And the kids really grasp that; They’re confident and proud of themselves, and share art with the people in their lives.”

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