Narrative Female Portraits by Reed Walchle

Based in Orlando, Florida, photographer Reed Walchle with a focus on fashion/editorial brand work and model portfolio building. He captures imaginative female portraits like a story-teller. His girlfriend helps him a lot by modelling to reflect his ideas in various settings. When asked about his inspiration in one of his interviews, he responses as follows; “I find inspiration everywhere. My main sources currently are magazines and fashion ads, but I also have a select group of photographers I follow whose work inspires me.” He also tells about how he captures these exceptional moments and the way he creates the moods of his captures by saying; “A lot of the mood I create when shooting is done by establishing a clear narrative between the model and myself. Every portrait photographer tells you that you have to make the model feel “comfortable”, however, to establish a good mood it must go beyond that. When I shoot I aim to have a clear understanding between us of what our end goal is. I also walk the model through my vision so they can give input as well.” We handpicked his the most impressive captures from his portfolio to hare with you. Hope you enjoy his photography as much as we do.

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