30 Micro Pop Culture Tattoos by Kozo Tattoo

Eden Kozokaro, aka Kozo Tattoo, is a tattoo artist from Israel who made a name for himself with his micro designs. From popular TV shows and movies to comic books and music, Eden’s colorful miniatures often feature pop culture elements and look so detailed and precise. Eden’s career as a tattoo artist began when one of his skater friends bought the cheapest machine they could find from eBay. “He let me try it out and eventually, he became my first client. Then I offered free tattoos to everyone I knew,” Eden said. The tattoo culture in his country is very small, loving, and supportive. “My tattooer friends and I are trying our best to show everyone that tattoos are nothing less than an expression of art.” Take a look at the gallery below and find your favorite piece and don’t forget to follow Eden on Instagram.

All Photo Credits: kozo_tatt00

Final Battle for Harry Potter and Voldemort – movie scene

World’s famous secret agent – he’s name is Bond, James Bond.

Tarantino’s creations.

Joker or Joker.

Django Unchained

The Hobbit

Ryuk and Light Yagami from the Death Note

Fight Club – movie scene

Lost in Translation

Quidditch time!

Pixar’s UP


Buzz and Woody from Toy Story



Rick and Morty scene

Mike and Sullivan from Monsters, Inc.

Our favorite neighbor Totoro

Nemo, Dory, and Squirt

The Aristocats babies

Leeloo – The 5th Element

Kill Bill

Princess Mononoke

The Simpsons vs. The Beatles

The Killing Joke – Batman

Another friendly neighbor or two.

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