How Instagram can Improve Your Business

The way we do our shopping has changed dramatically in the past few years. We have moved from the traditional walk to the store to the comfortable online orders we make without leaving the couch. Social media plays a big role in this paradigm shift as over 75% of Instagram users being inclined to make a purchase after receiving ads in their feed. If you have something to sell, and you also use promotional services like, or Buyinstagramlikes.IO, then this photo-sharing platform is the perfect venue to advertise them.

In this short guide, we aim to show you how Instagram can improve your business. Nevertheless, this social media channel that attracts almost 500 million users every day can offer you significantly more options for building your company from scratch into a universally known brand. Here are some of them!

Customer Identification

With Instagram, you do not have to wait for customers to come to your doorstep. You can target the exact group of clients that you want to address to with simple identification tactics that the platform offers.

For example, if you are a small startup selling organic coffee, you can use your Instagram profile to reach coffee lovers, producers and distributors only with specifically targeted advertising. This way, you do not need to spend time and resources waiting for the most interested and most profitable customers to reach your website.

Advertising Possibilities

Instagram offers a myriad of advertising possibilities. You get to choose between videos, images, Insta Stories and carousel collages to raise brand awareness and attract potential new clients. You do not need editing experience or elite skills for creating and posting content that reaches your audience in a heartbeat.

Additionally, you may even use professional services that offer the best automatic Instagram likes to enhance your online visibility. This strategy works wonders whether you are new to social media or if you have a solid experience in online advertising.

Helpful Sales Tools

When you open a business account on Instagram you get more features than casual users normally receive. The platform provides you with essential tools that give you an in-depth understanding of how your brand is performing online.

Instagram analytics tools provide you with a clear image of the success that your ad campaigns have, and whether you are targeting a profitable audience. By using these data you can tweak your marketing strategy and reshape your content to appeal to the followers that have the highest probability of purchasing your products and services.

Instant Customer Feedback

When you post something new on your Instagram business profile, you get an instant reaction from your admirers. The number of likes, views, and impressions give you an idea of how well you are managing your online image.

Almost 35% of Instagram users are millennials – a group of avid social media users that react quickly to hashtags, links and content quality. Their feedback can help you revamp your advertising approach to match their preferences without engaging them in a prior online survey.

Promotional Versatility

As of recently, Instagram has added new features that users can employ to increase the appeal of their posts. You can choose between live feed videos that can reach up to 60 minutes in length, musical stickers and video chat calls to promote your products and services to a wide audience.

These new features offer a new and exciting alternative to traditional image posts for which most Instagram users have grown a palpable indifference. You can easily use them to keep the interest of your earliest followers alive and to attract potential new customers at the same time.

The Bottom Line

With over 95 million new posts and no less than 400 million stories per day, Instagram is already showing that it has developed into a global networking platform. If you own a business, you cannot ignore the remarkable benefits that this social media channel can have for your brand.

You can safely use Instagram as an advertising tool, a promotional venue and a meeting place for your customers with minimal effort and in record time. All it takes is commitment and enough effort to maintain the online relevance of your brand