Modern Farmhouse in Chicago by Linc Thelen Design

Farmhouses, especially traditional farmhouses have special charm around them which remind us about the connection with nature and country lifestyle. When it comes to modern farmhouses, they are usually based on expanding and using new materials, but they also keep that wonderful spirit of countryside. Large porches and open views, bright colors, old and new contrasted; this all combined gives a perfect modern farmhouse. One example of that is this modern farmhouse in Chicago designed by Linc Thelen Design from 2015, which shows how new and old can be united in wonderful ways. This house is spacious, with lot of light, peaceful colors and energy. Outside is an enormous pool with deckchairs and a patio for relaxation, and on the inside there are two bedrooms, living room, kitchen with dinning room and three bathrooms. Make sure to check out this amazing farmhouse, you will most definitely be enchanted by this combination of modern and traditional.

Lovely spot for refreshments and relaxation.


Porch, windows, pointed roof and bright green lawn; a traditional farmhouse.


Bathroom done in all white wood, with exceptions of a few details.


Kitchen which combines wood done in white with marble surfaces and dark blue chairs, beautiful contrast.


Bright and spacious, dream of every housewife.


Blue, grey and white are in natural harmony with the wood and brightness of the living and dinning room.


Bedroom with only white and grey colors, modern and cozy.


Cool and simple bathroom, with modern details and urban tiles.


Blue as the dominant color to white with a bit of red is just the right decision for this spacious children’s room.


Living room with amazing chandelier, wooden beam and a peaceful and positive atmosphere.


Bright, modern and minimalistic bathroom.


Wonderful for hanging out with your friends and family lunches.


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