Meet Samson, the Largest Cat in New York

Cats are adorable little rascals, but this particular cat is not little. Oh, no, quite the opposite actually. Meet Samson the cat, the largest domestic feline in New York. This 28-pound cat is the exact same size as the fully grown up bobcat. This stunning Maine Coon cat is four years old and he is four feet long. Jonathan Zurbel, the cat’s owner, says that Samson is not fat or has any other health problems. Samson is an extremely healthy and extremely huge cat! Jonathan says that Samson is a very well behaved and smart cat. If you like this beautiful Maine Coon cat, you should follow him on Instagram in order to enjoy more of his amazing photos.

He likes to nap on a rainy day.


Samson has a mean look.


But he’s actually quite a baby.


A huge baby, though.


He has magnificent fur.


Samson loves to pose for the camera.


Wow, this cat is a model.


Adorable eyes.


Glorious mustaches.


He looks like a lion.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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