Uniquely Designed Minimalistic Tattoos by Zada Lam

With the motto “Simple is the best”, Hong Kong, China based promising artist Zada Lam designs clients’ most favourite objects or characters in minimalist style. As he says; “To make the world a simpler place is the aim here, to let customers express with their tattoos, and also keep a pretty tattoo with them forever.” He started tattooing by practicing a straight line and made impressive progress since then. “It’s actually harder to draw a perfect line than to draw a picture.” he states in one of his interviews. He is very curious about skin art and always look for new challenges to develop his skills and ingenuity. He finds a pattern then redesigns it by applying his unique taste. He uses color blocking technique for outlining the cartoon characters which reminds us all our childhood memories. “Tattoos must recall good things to their owner. These cartoon characters take me to my childhood, and remind me that happiness can be found in very simple things.” To make long story short, we invite you to explore the creative’s imaginative world of ink art pieces.


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