Artist Creates Cute and Realistic Small Tattoo Designs

Hong Kong based Mini Lau is one of the first tattoo artists to transport small tattoo trend from South Korea to China. She’d stayed there for a few years to learn the technique then founded her own tattoo studio, Mini Tattoo, which mainly focuses on small tattoo designs. Minimalist tattoos are generally less than the palm of your hand, depending on the complexity, they are applied either with single needle or three needles and require lots of patience. Although they are small in size, they take three times longer than big-size tattoo designs as it is hard to work in detail and even the depth of the ink is enough to determine the success or failure of the tattoo. Together with her team, Mini is dedicated to bring this Korea style miniature patterns to her homeland and adore her clients with the latest and most imaginative designs. If you look for this kind of ink art in temporary form, they also provide temporary tattoos on their website, each of which is also designed by Mini and her mate Zada. You can find beautifully injected florals, pets and many other extraordinary patterns in her portfolio and get ideas for your next tattoo adventure. Here, we showcase some of our favourite tattoo designs hand-made by Mini. Hope you like them!


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