23 Amazing Minimalist Tattoos by the Talented Lindsay April

Golden Iron Tattoo Studio is a home to many exceptional tattoo artists, there’s no doubt about that. Here at Sortra, we already talked about the talented Stella Luo and her amazing minimalist tattoos. However, she’s not the only artist from Golden Iron who creates wonderful and elegant tattoos. Meet Lindsay Asselstine (aka Lindsay April), a breathtakingly gifted tattoo artist who creates subtle, elegant, and inspiring minimalist tattoos. She’s mostly focused on floral tattoos, but she does other shapes as well. Lindsay prefers small, subtle tattoos but her work is extremely beautiful and elegant. She was always an artistic soul, but she never saw herself as a tattoo artist. However, she started this job as a joke, but after realizing she’s incredibly good at it, Lindsay decided to pursue this lovely career. If you find her work interesting, check out her Instagram page here.

Cute and subtle.

Lindsay creates amazing floral tattoos.


Elegant and tasteful.

Not all of her tattoos are small, though.

Some of her tattoos have interesting messages.

Amazing details!

So subtle and gorgeous!



Perfect for a coffee lover.

Exceptional work.


Catch the wave.

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