Meet Cezar, a Persian Breed Cat From Serbia With a Ridiculously Long Hair

Here at Sortra, we love writing about cats. We write about the cute ones, weird ones, beautiful ones, but this little fella called Cezar has the strangest fur you’ll ever see! This adorable Persian breed cat from Serbia has stunningly long hair and an incredibly mean look! Cezar’s hair is so long that he actually looks like a sheep. This cute, long-haired cat is becoming more and more popular on Instagram, but the problem is that Cezar’s hair needs to be trimmed every once in a while. Will that affect his popularity on Instagram, what do you think?

Sometimes his long hair makes him sad.

So fluffy!

He doesn’t like to trim his hair.

Cezar won many awards.


Find his head!

What a stare!

He likes to sit like this.


Little Cezar.

He is a majestic beast.

via (boredpanda)

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