Loyal Dog Traveled 50 Miles in Order to Track Down His Owner

We all know how loyal dogs can be, but this heartwarming story about an adorable Border Collie called Casey will bring tears to your eyes. This amazing story started when Casey’s owner Carole Fossett left him at her friend’s house because she had to move to another house. Shortly after that, Casey ran away and they didn’t hear anything about him for weeks. Carole was devastated, she was convinced he was dead. Little did she know that Casey was alive and on his way to find her! This fella walked 50 miles across the United Kingdom until he was reunited with his beloved owner. However, Carole simply couldn’t wait, so she started a Facebook campaign and asked people to help her track Casey down. After a while, some people said they spotted the dog, but that was all. No one was able to catch him. Finally, after two whole months, a friend phoned Carole to say that she found Casey near her new home. “I just burst into tears. I can’t describe it,” says the lucky owner. This inspiring story is a proof that dogs truly love their humans.

The hero!

When he arrived Casey was exhausted.

This handsome fella lost 11 kilograms during his journey.

He was so happy to see his owner.

What an epic adventure.

He didn’t stop until he found her.

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