Impressive Wedding Photography by Kathy Ashdown Dunn

Kathy Ashdown Dunn has adored shooting couples in love and families for 10 years. Having lost her parents when she was a teenager, she extremely values the memories and family albums. “Far from being a sad story I firmly believe that these losses made me the photographer I am today. I have so many wonderful memories and as my Dad was a keen photographer my sisters and I have lots of beautiful photos that we all treasure.” she states on her blog. She loves capturing images that make you remember how it felt to be in that moment. As she says; “Images that take you straight back to the thrill as your mum buttoned up your wedding dress, the nerves as you stand waiting at the top of the aisle, or how it felt with sun on your back watching your children splash in the sea.” Capturing memories of your wedding day or your family shoot mean a lot to her as they will become more precious in time than you could ever know… And that’s the reason she loves the photography that much. If you believe your old family photos are the most precious thing you own, you adore pouring over your parents wedding album and feel that gorgeous wedding images will be your first family heirloom then Kathy could be the photographer you are looking for. Here you can browse some of her impressive wedding photoshoot examples.