Thought-Provoking Illustrations On Women’s Empowerment by Hábito-Beatriz Castro

Hábito-Beatriz Castro is 23-year-old graphic designer, illustrator and dancer from San José, Costa Rica. She studied contemporary dance first, then she decided that she wanted something more so she continued with graphic design school. After all, in 2019, she started illustrating and just fell in love with it. She mostly turns her imaginative perspective on life and women’s empowerment into thought-provoking illustrations and shares them on her Instagram account. “What do you most admire about the women around you? For my part, I greatly admire the resilience of my mother, my friends and myself. I admire and envy the leadership of my mother and those very powerful women who surround me at work.” she captions one of her photos on IG, she also adds that; “Habito means everything to me and sharing all this illustration, moments and habits with all of you and the fact that they resonate with you always blows my mind.” She has her own style for creating art and the messages she includes them are in one word impressive. We had the opportunity to have an online interview with her and asked about her future plans and she replied us as follows; “My goal is to be able to live as an illustrator but right know I also work for a advertising agency and really like it.” She is also a feminist and animal lover. “Last year I adopted a dog and named him Benito, for Bad Bunny, Benito Martínez.” she told us. Now, scroll down and see her splendid illustrations.