Graphic Designer Creates One Of A Kind Nail Art Examples

Christina Zalec is a graphic designer and illustrator from Southern Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about using her artistic skills in various ways to create different art pieces. As she explains; “I’ve been creative my whole life, and I could even hold a pencil before I could walk – true story. My creativity manifests itself in drawings, paintings, digital art, photography and my slightly unorthodox and incredibly time consuming nail art (and yes, I actually painted those).” She loves using her own nails as canvas for her paintings and styles them beautifully. She uses super cheap dollar store acrylics (artsy ones) and the tiniest brushes to transfer her designs on nails. Her favourite colors are warm tones such as yellows, oranges and her favourite theme is tropical pattern. She always tries to learn new techniques and she is trying to get watercolor to work on her nails recently. She also want to figure out how to draw realistic clouds on nails. She designs album covers for music bands from time to time and creates nail art version of these custom designs. “Despite my passion for all things art, I had no idea how I could translate this to a fulfilling career, creatively, mentally, and financially. And then I stumbled upon graphic design during a yearbook class in high school. I loved it. It gave me the opportunity to combine many of my creative passions together, and I haven’t looked back since.” she states on her blog, where you can read about her artwork and find more about her nail art designs. Here you can see some of her brilliant nail art examples. Enjoy!