Photographer Transforms Her Favorite Dishes into Edible Art

Egyptian food stylist and photographer Marina Moawad is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. While have been working as a dentist, she found out that her true love was photography and left her job to follow her dreams which took her to LA. Right now, she is doing a masters degree in New York Film Academy. She combines her two hobbies, namely cooking and photography, then adds some imagination and creativity to create unique pieces of art and captures by herself. “Food is the fuel for our bodies, but creativity is the fuel for our souls.” she says, adding that; “I found the path that fuels my passion for photography and my love for beautiful food, We love taking regular ingredients and transforming it into Edible Art. We take the time and effort to style and plate each dish to enhance all its beautiful features.” She creates these artistic captures in 4 stages; preparing the food, styling it to express the most beautiful parts, capturing the dish or the flat-lay composition and finally editting the raw image. This process also includes some minor steps like choosing the best light, deciding on the colours, other objects to include to the composition, etc. As she learned everything about food photography online, she generously shares her lighting setups, behşnd the scenes and editing tutorials with the ones who are interested in such photography. Below we showcase some of her brilliant food compositions with you. Hope you enjoy her artwork!