Delightful Food Compositions by Olena Hassel

Born in Ukraine, a naturalized Canadian, and currently residing in New York City, Olena Hassel is a passionate mum of two little girls and an impressive photographer. Her multicultured background inspires her a lot and her husband is a source of impression for her with his different aspects. She states in her bio “I am married to an English Gentleman, speak English with a slight Eastern European accent, look Scandinavian, but dance like a Puerto Rican!” She was trained as a scientist, worked in Biotech and human Vaccines, and, after having her first baby, discovered the joys of Instagram and developed a new passion for photography. She says “Like everyone else, I’m influenced by my background and life – for me, the vibrant folk culture of the Ukrainian people, family celebrations involving generous helpings of delicious food and a beautifully arranged table. Also by a love for endless sunflower fields, gardens and orchards, nature, relaxed living and all things handmade.” She creates delightful compositions generally placing a cup of tea or a slice of cake as the main object of her captures. Flowers, fruits, cinnamon sticks, knitted blankets, vintage items like a typewriter, an old compass etc. are the other complementary objects of her foodscapes. She has a magnificient Instagram account which is updated almost daily with awe-inspiring and dramatic photos. Now feast your eyes with some of her shots presented below. Hope you like them as much as we do.

“Everything around here has suddenly burst into bloom. Let’s celebrate with a fresh cuppa!”

“Guess what time it is? It’s time for a cuppa! And how could I say no to the sparkly macarons?

“A Healthy Start of the week. Who would like some Cherry Vanilla Latte?”

“Most beautiful poetry books to go with you cuppa today?”

“The heavier the cup, the harder it is to lift.”

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