24 Gorgeous Bridal Nail Art Examples by Elvira Safina

Elvira Safina is a manicure and nail art expert based in Simferopol, the capital of the Republic of Crimea. She is extremely talented at designing and applying nail art in any theme and she lets her art speak when it comes to bridal nails. From marble to floral, pearly to glitter designs, she works with her team to help her clients have the nails that match with their bridal style perfectly. We handpicked some of the most gorgeous examples that can be used as bridal nails. The first one is our favourite. When applied only on the ring finger, it will beautifully shimmer under the spotlights and attract all your guests’ attention. Just have a look at our gallery then decide on your favourite one and show its photo to your manicure master then let her make your dream nails will come true.