The Queen Of Mandalas and Flowers: Miriam Andrea

Tattoo artist Miriam Andrea is from Kristiansand, Norway but she currently based in Oslo, the capital, and works at Attitude Tattoo Studio. She specializes in linework and dotwork and spends most of her time on creating new patterns. “You will always see her running around like a silent ninja in the studio with her iPad in hand. Draw Draw Draw…” say her colleagues. When you have a look at her portfolio, flowers, animals elegantly blended with each other and also embroidered with some dotwork. Seems she is very fond of combining snakes, different type of birds and cats with various flowers. She generally prefers a dark palette for her designs as there is no colourful tattoos on her Instagram feed. The studio has a very informative webpage where you can find many answers about having a tattoo process in detail. If you wonder about cover-ups, sleeves, white tattos, taking care of your body art, tattoo and pregnancy and many more, you can check Attitude magazine. There are also other artists as talented as Miriam and specialized in different type of tattoo designs that you might find interesting. Keep scrolling to see her amazing body art designs and let us know about your thoughts by using the comment box.

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