Let Alexa Link Inspire You For This Year’s Halloween Makeup

Austin, Texas based make-up talent Alexa Link is one of the most popular and interesting creatives of Instagram with 53,9k followers. She titles her artwork as “your neon nightmare”, but for us and many others, she is a genius artist with a special talent and has a unique way to express her imagination. Her extraordinary make-up styles can trip you as the looks seem as if they were made with a filter but surely they all are real and handmade. The colors she uses are so vibrant and the edges she makes are too flawless to be hand-drawn. She first became viral with her heat map makeup and kept up amazing us with her #1000daysofmakeup challenge photos. When asked about her technique in one of her interviews, she replies as follows; “To deposit the color, I used flat shading brushes and I blended the colors using fluffy blending brushes.Brightly colored eyeshadows are typically more difficult to blend out so you have to work with them a little bit more,” she adds. “If you’d like to try the makeup at home, then I would suggest starting on the outer perimeter of your face with the cool-toned colors first because the warm shades are typically more densely pigmented and get out of control really easily.” Halloween is fast approaching and if you still haven’t decided on your Halloween makeup, never wait to see her terrific makeup creations. Remember to follow Alexa on Instagram to keep up with the talent.

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