Exquisite Linework Mandalas of Sergey Anuchin

Sergey Anuchin aka mangust_tattooer is an exceptional tattoo artist and co-owner of the Sunrise Tattoo Workshop in Moscow, the capital of Russia. His stunning work features very often mandala based tattoos done in exquisite linework with a dotwork additions accompaniment with natural themed motifs such as animals and floral designs. In rare occasions, he adds teal detail to his work, a magical shade of blue that makes his work even more stunning. With a great respect for the bodies of his clients, he delivers ornamental tattoos that are intriguing and pleasing to the eye.

Magnificent spinal mandalas.

Ornamental tattoo craftsmanship in its full glory.

Captivating and owe-inspiring work.


Beautiful teal blue.

Definition of a delicate linework!

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