24 Feminine Tattoos by Incredible Ira Shmarinova

Ira Shmarinova can be found in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia at the studio named Sashatattoing. Her talents cover everything from meticulous fineline, dotwork, ornamental, geometric, flora and fauna blackwork tattoos. A combination of all every single time results in perfection forever adorning your body. Incredibly clean style, with a meticulous approach to her work and stunning use of fineline and geometric additions to her designs done mainly in black and gray. Her finished work looks like a realistic painting making her and Sashatattoing shop a must-visit place for a true tattoo lover.

Gorgeous floral tattoo.

Delicate fineline rose.

Combination of linework, dotwork and bit of geometrical shapes.

Meticulous fineline with a surreal design.


Absolutely breath-taking. Clean, geometric and fineline make this lion come to life.

Another stunning animal tattoo with interesting additions of dotwork.

Intriguing vision.

Where it belongs.

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